Rick and Cathey Borgen

 Back in 1991 Rick decided to start raising a few colts that he could start then sell. Not sure which way he wanted to go we went through more than a few different bloodlines trying to find the one that worked for us.

As time went on we started to find that both Hancock and Leo bred horses seemed to stand up the best for the working cowboys that we sold our young geldings to.

Then in the late 90s Rick bought a young gelding at a sale when he heard a name on the pedigree that he'd been looking for. That name was Driftwood, and it changed our outlook almost overnight.

There weren't a lot of Driftwoods in the country back then but a few years later we were fortunate enough to meet Don & Iren Woitte and form a lasting friendship. Don was also a fan of the Driftwood horses and we were lucky enough to purchase Fintry Driftwood Ike from him in 2006. Both of these horses demonstrated the temperament and athletic ability that Driftwoods are so well known for. We were also able to purchase several mares and fillies from the Woitte's that are daughters of their Driftwood sire, Fintry Drift Hancock. 

We also carry several horses with the MY brand from Idaho. They are known as the Premier Driftwood Breeders in the Northwest, and we recently aquired some Driftwood X Sun Frost mares from Mark Weir's progam in southern Alberta.  

Now after years of breeding mares, culling, and hundreds of miles on both sides of the border we believe that we are starting to get a nice group of mares together that carry the Driftwood line.

Here at CR Ranch we do our best to raise good "usin" horses that you can ride all week on the pasture and haul to a rodeo on the weekend.

So give us a call or stop by for a coffee. We'll do our best to set you up with the right horse for whatever direction you want to go..