Driftwood Legends Sale


Catalog Preface By Phil Livingston 

    Driftwood was one of the most prepotent stallions of all time. Although he died in 1960, his blood flows in the veins of countless outstanding ranch and rodeo horses today. Among “usin’ horse folk” the Driftwoods are treasured and more popular than ever. 

    Driftwood was a winner on the match track and later an outstanding rodeo mount for the champions of his era. That was enough to have a stellar reputation of the time. More importantly, he consistently passed on his quick speed, athletic ability, functional conformation and willing mind to his get. They in turn carried those traits on to their offspring – and to succeeding generations. That legacy has continued over sixty years. Few stallions have been so prepotent. It is no wonder that knowledgeable horsemen have continued to carefully continue his line and the Driftwoods stay viable. 

    The related horses at this historic occasion – the first time so many Driftwoods have been before the public in many years – offers the opportunity to be part of his legacy. Backed by all time-proven performance reputation, they can do nothing but “put a person a’horseback” or enhance a breeding program. 

    This occasion also honors Jim Morris. The California horseman was a Driftwood fan and breeder from the beginning an inspiration to other horsemen, and a “keeper of the flame”. Knowing and working with Jim was both a privilege and a pleasure. Some of the horses here are the result of his well thought out breeding program. 

    Gathered at this sale are over 70 related offerings that carry the Driftwood legacy. And as Roy Wales said, “If a horse has two drops of Driftwood blood, he’s gotta be good!” 

Famous Progeny of Driftwood

Driftwood X Hancock Belle:

Driftwood Ike




Driftwood X Sage Hen:

Drifting Sage

Henny Penny Peake

Poker Chip Peake

Red Button

Road Runner


Driftwood X Shu Cat:

Speedy Peake

Other Famous Driftwoods:

Supai Drifter

French Flash Hawk

Skid Frost


Frosty War Chief

Sun Frost

MR Junewood

MR Fritzwood